Saturday, August 19, 2017

Cancer In America Democracy

A diagnosis of cancer is frightening. Pain, suffering, disfigurement and loss all come to mind. Cancer is an insidious disease that is present long before the symptoms appear. We know that cancer cells are present in everyone all the time, but the immune system destroys them and keeps the body safe. However, if the immune system is challenged too much without support it breaks down. America has cancer or should I say American democracy has cancer. The immune system of American democracy, so long the pride of the nation, has failed. Many things cause immune systems to break down, but poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of knowledge, lack awareness, poisons absorbed through constant exposure to toxins, lack of self-care and many other factors contribute. In America we have been ingesting a diet of ignorance, greed, fear and deception fed to us by self-serving political PACS. Self-care has been ignored. We have chosen to allow our education system to be weakened by special interests and demagogues. We have chosen to believe lies about others in our communities, fueling hate and division. The civic responsibility to vote and be engaged in self-governance lags and isn't thought to be necessary or meaningful. When the visible signs of our cancer manifested in 2016, we went through many of the stages of grief seen in newly diagnosed cancer patients. We couldn't believe it was happening to us; we cried and blamed god; we claimed it was a mistake; we let fear rule our every thought. There are many who claim this cancer is a good thing; it will weed out the weaker body parts. Others claim in won't last and/or it won't do much harm. Still others remain in denial while those who want to resist are doing all they can, but fear it won't be enough. The cancer is metastasizing. Defenses against further destruction of the body democracy are at risk of being lost (EPA, ACA, civil rights, education, free speech and a free press). Plans are suggested which threaten to "update" our constitution to suit the cancer's needs. Unfortunately, many of those responsible for keeping our democracy healthy (Congress) have chosen to join the cancer out of greed, choosing power, influence and politics over country. As all of us who have fought cancer know, it is a long struggle; it takes every part of the system to fight cancer and promote healing. Joining together as a community to support each other is crucial. RESIST

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